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Meem Transformer PVT. LTD. is a leading and well recognized name as manufacturer, supplier of Current transformer in Ahmedabad, India. Transformer for various power industries. We are manufacturer and supplier of a transformer like current transformer, single phase control transformer, CT series current transformer, RC series Current transformer, SC series current transformer, custom current transformer, high voltage current transformer, Three phase transformer etc. Our offered product is manufactured from fine quality raw materials which are sourced from the certified location. Customer satisfaction through the manufacture of high quality product and prompt delivery on agreed specification through continual improvement of all our process and quality with global standards. Widely appreciated for their reliability, fail safe operation, precisiondesign , easy installation and energy saving features our product find application in electric industries. Meem transformer is to provide consumers with the highest quality product by assuring their performance, consistency, safety and value. Maintain high quality standards as our engineering design and manufacture our product by the most efficient means.

Our professionally managed company supported by qualified and experience professional who has in depth knowledge in the industry and know how to design manufacture and test the various type of Current Transformer. We are offering all type of transformer with variety of frames to all the customers throughout the world. Our product is standardized for universal application and state of art technology to manufacture as per national and international standards. Quality is always our one of the prime objective. Consistency selection of proper raw materials is very critical and we follow strict standards. Our wide range of infrastructure having occupied by fully equipped with all testing equipment necessary to carry our entire routine test. We have gained a remarkable position in this domain. Owing to this all excellent management skills we have been able to cater to the needs of valuable customers in the most efficient manner.

Control Transformer - (कंट्रोल ट्राँसफार्मर)

The Meem Transformers Pvt. Ltd. Is a well-known manufacturer & supplier of high range Control Transformer(कंट्रोल ट्राँसफार्मर), Single Phase Transformer, Three Phase Transformer, Electric Control Transformer in Gujarat, India . Our best transformer is a Control Transformer. We have high quality of Control Transformer, we supply them at reasonable prices.

Why Choose Meem Transformer

Our enthusiastic approach to attaining maximum client satisfaction has enabled us to implement various client centric methods in our firm. By making perfect use of our infrastructure our products have maximum, durability and productivity thus making them a valuable investment. Some of the key factors that make us a strong company.

  • Robust infrastructure
  • qualitative range of engineering and project
  • expedite delivery
  • customization facility
  • Innovation and embracing change
  • wide distribution network
  • cost effective
  • Timely delivered
Transformer Manufacturer India

Transformer Manufacturer India

A Transformer is defined as a passive electrical device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another through the process of electromagnetic induction. Meem Transformer Pvt. Ltd. is having nice knowledge in manufacturing transformer in India. Wide range of designed and cost effective ourproducts are manufactured down a controlled production line with standard work practices utilizing state of the art equipment and processes that are subject to strict quality control practices.

We provide a wide range of transformers such as current transformer, Three phase transformer, Single phase transformer, Electric control Transformer etc. Transformer is highly utilized to increase or decrease voltage levels between circuits. The technical parameters and tapping ranges etc. are designed strictly as per client requirement. The product is a critical part of electrical distribution network and ensures a reliable supply of electricity to homes and industry. As one of the leading transformer manufacturer company in India we have constantly upgraded our manufacturing and quality services with keeping customer need in mind. We are the best supplier and manufacturer of transformer and marked as an ISO certified. There are various design, capacity and configuration option available. There are operational safety, low maintenance and low noise operation. We fabricate a comprehensive range of transformer according to the requirement of the client.

Manufacturer of Current Transformer in India

Current Transformer is a type of transformer which is used to reduce or multiply an alternating current and produce a current in its secondary which is proportional to the current in its primary. This is also known as a series transformer as it is allied in series with the circuit for measuring a different parameter of electric power. We are offering various types of current transformer series like CT series, RC series and SC series current transformer. Current transformer can be mounted on the low voltage to high voltage lead of a power transformer. The current transformer is often used to monitor high current or current at high voltage.

Basic three types of Current Transformers

Wound type

This type has a primary winding of more than one full turn wound over the core.

Bar type

This type consist of a bar of suitable size and material forming an integral part of the transformer


This type has no primary winding and secondary wind of the CT is placed around the current flowing conductor. Opening in the core through which the conductor carrying the primary load current is passed.

RC Series Current Transformer

We one of the leading manufacturing unit offering a wide range of RC Series Current Transformer. Our current transformer RC Series is used extensively for application involving metering, current monitoring and protection. Transformer is manufactured with an M4 electrical grade steel core that is wrapped with copper magnetic wire and contained in a black polycarbonate case. We offer custom design. We offer this series according to the need of the valuable client. Tested through various parameters to ensure proper product. Moreover, we offer this at a very nominal rate.

RC Series Current Transformer


The some feature of RC series current transformer is
  • Toroid form
  • polycarbonate case
  • 500 volt insulation is standard
  • cost effective
  • high quality

Our Product


The two main application areas of current transformers are current measurement and protection. The current Transformer are used to measure electric powerhouses industries, grid stations, control room in industries and analyzing the flow of current in the circuit.

Current Transformer Exporter from Ahmedabad

Meem Transformer Pvt. Ltd. as prominent and leading Current Transformer Exporter from Ahmedabad. Major Current Transformer Manufacturer the company supplies client and wide range of industries including electrical utilities metering firms, electric railway, and industrial and Electrical Engineering Company. Having international experience has reputed in a deeper understanding of international standards.


  • Easy to install
  • heat resistance
  • Can be withstand high and low voltage

CT Series Current Transformer

Meem Transformer Pvt. Ltd is manufacturing a CT series current transformer. A current transformer also isolates the measuring instrument from what may be very high voltage in the monitored circuit. Our team provides current transformer solutions either standard or customized to meet your requirement these are commonly used in metering and protective relays. These solutions include CT series current transformers. You can choose various types of CT series current transformers among customized capabilities and features in terms of mounting option ration, multiple tap, accuracy, size, burden, rating and terminals.


There are some standard features like
  • The VA output capacity is from 2VA and 15VA
  • Leads are 24” in length
  • Fully encapsulated
  • primary to secondary insulation 4k
  • poly resin protective coating
  • 600 volt insulation is standards


  • Sensing overload current
  • ground fault detection
  • Metering
  • Coupling analog to digital circuits.

SC Series Current Transformer

The SC series is highly utilized in current monitoring, metering protection application. The SC series is built with an M4 electrical grade steel core, wound with copper magnetic wire and enclosed with a black polycarbonate case. Our offered range of SC series is availablecost effective and efficient method by which current can be measured without the need to break conductor. Our offered product is available in wide range with best quality and reasonable rate.


  • cost effective
  • High quality
  • Faster installation
  • Square case with circular window
  • high strength
  • polycarbonate case
  • long product life


  • Switch gear
  • Distribution system
  • Generator sets
  • Control panels

Custom Current Transformer

Meem Transformer Pvt. Ltd. Custom current transformer manufacturer, designing and manufacturing transformer for almost 16 years. Manufacture and designed using high quality materials and latest advanced technology. Commonly used in a current measuring application. Our Transformer design and solution for many diverse applications, including hazardous environment. With all applicable standards as well as with any special requirement of our customers we test this custom current transformer several times during the manufacturing process. Before the final dispatch to the client end our offered transformer is verified on various parameters to ensure defect free product.

Features with Custom Current Transformer

  • Single phase and Three phase units are available
  • High accuracy on request
  • precisely designed
  • Excellent finish
  • Customers specific requirement
  • Easy installation

Application for Custom Current Transformer

  • Current measuring application
  • power grid operation monitoring
  • Isolation between metering and protection circuits
  • Revenue metering

Low Voltage Current Transformer

Having years of experience in this field we are a leading manufacturer of Low voltage Current Transformer in Ahmedabad, India.Low voltage current transformer intended for supplying measuring instrument and protection circuit of electrical power operating voltage with maximum operating voltage. We offer a wide range of low voltage current transformer which have various option for power capacity further we customize it according to need of customers.

Moreover, we offer this Low voltage current transformer at very nominal rate.

Interposing Current Transformer

We are manufacturer, supplier of high quality Interposing Current Transformer. The main function of an Interposing Current Transformer is to balance the current supplied to the relay where there would otherwise be an imbalance due to the ratios of the main CT. Made from high quality raw materials and latest advanced technology. An Interposing Current Transformer is installed between secondary winding of the main CT and relay. Interposing CT type can be used to modify secondary current from an existing line CT. Can be used for primary side or secondary side of the power transformer being protected or both interposing. Our offered product can be avail from us as client demand at a very reasonable prices.


  • optimum performance
  • easy to operate
  • Less maintenance cost

High Voltage Current Transformer

Leveraging on sophisticated technology and profound manufacturing facility we are manufacturing High Voltage Current Transformer. Our offered transformer is consisting of superior grade insulation and a perfect oil paper construction. Can be availed in two variants wound and outdoor type having either dead tank or live tank head type design. Before the final end of the dispatch the offered current transformer is verified at international testing to ensure defect free product. Highly acknowledge by our client due to its features like long term, robustness, safety, reliability and weather proof. We provide this at various standards and specification according to the needs of our valuable client. Moreover, you can avail of this at a nominal rate.

High Voltage Current Transformer


  • High quality paper oil insulation
  • Non corrosive hardware
  • oil expansion by painted stainless steel
  • longer service life
  • weather proof and environmental resistance
  • less weight

Premier Current Transformer Manufacturing Company

Meem Transformer Pvt. Ltd provide the best Premier Current Transformer. We as Premier Current Transformer Manufacturing offer you various design, and other various specification. The offered transformer can be availed at various specifications according to the needs of the client. Connecting with the company through on hassle free and efficient request quote form. Whether you are looking for manufacturer of Premium current transformer or single phase, or three phase etc. transformer of every type Meem Transformer is the premier source for you.

Premier Current Transformer
Premier Current Transformer India

Customized Current Transformer Design

Meem Transformer has provide high quality custom transformer and inductors for the various challenging client application. Expertise across a vast range of industries coupled with well-equipped facilities featuring various advanced custom transformer winding equipment. Our offered design begins with a comprehensive analysis of the client needs and end with the possible configuration. We offer a very cost effective rates.


  • Current measuring application
  • providing isolation between monitoring and protection circuit
  • power grid operation monitoring
  • safe measurement of large current

Our Electrical Current Transformer Construction

  • The core of the current transformer is built up with lamination of silicon steel. The primary winding is a single turn winding and carries the full load current. The secondary winding of the transformer has a large number of turns.
  • The primary and the secondary winding are insulated from the cores and each other.
  • Primary winding is a single turn winding and carries the full load current.
  • The ratio of the primary current and the secondary current is known as a current transformer ration of the circuit.
  • Secondary current rating is of the order 5A, 1A, and 0.1A.
  • Current transformer working principle is different from the power transformer.
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