Control Transformer

Manufacturer, Supplier of Current Transformer in India

A control transformer is an isolation transformer designed to provide high degree of secondary voltage stability during a short period overload condition. The control transformer is also referring to as industrial control transformer, machine tool transformer and control power transformer.

We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Control transformer in India. Our offered control transformer is very often designed to produce a high level of secondary voltage stability during brief period of overload condition. The transformer incorporates high quality insulating materials. Insulation is used to electrically insulate turn to turn, layer to layer winding primary to secondary winding and ground. There is various type of control transformer are available our offered product are manufacture according to the needs and demand have given by our regular client. Most transformer products control power from higher to lower voltage. It is generally used in an electric circuit that requires constant voltage or constant current with a low power rating. Highly appreciated by our client due to its high quality, high strength, less maintenance cost, greater safety etc. Common application includes inductive and resistive loads such as motors, lighting and heating. Moreover, we offer this at nominal rates.

  • Easy to operate
  • high quality
  • High strength
  • less maintenance cost
  • ¬†longer service life
  • Greater safety
  • less space required
  • cost effective

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