Three Phase Control

Three Phase Transformer Manufacturer

A Three phase transformer is a static electromagnetic device to transmit energy or send an alternating electrical signal between circuit.

With the expertise in the market we are one of the efficient manufacturer and supplier of three phase transformer. A Three Phase Transformer is used to transfer a large amount of power. The Three Phase Transformer construction is mainly of two type of core type and shell type. Three Phase Transformer is generally for the industrial purpose to generate, transmit, and distribute electrical energy. It is required to step up and step down the voltage at various stage of power system network. Three Phase Transformer comes in various models and can be differentiated by KVA, Taps, horsepower range, mounting, dimension and weight. Three Phase Transformer it can be used an extremely large amount of electricity such as building, apartment, hospital , power station etc. Our offered Three phase transformer has many advantage like low cost, less weight, cheaper in size etc. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor application and can be provided with on load tap changer and off load tap changers. These could be acquired from us at market leading prices.

Advantages of Three Phase Transformer

  • Low cost
  • Less weight and reduced size
  • transportation cost low
  • less space to install and easy to install

Application of Three Phase Transformer

  • Transformer in an production machine
  • Transformer for drive system
  • converter transformer for galvanizing
  • Matching transformer for industrial plant.